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Peru 2016 - Day 10 - Tuesday 13th September – Puno to Lima

September 13, 2016
Not a lot to report today. We had a late (for us) breakfast and met in the hotel lobby for a 9:45 pick to take us to Juliaca airport which was about an hour and a quarter...
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Peru 2016 - Day 9 - Monday 12th September - Lake Titikaka

September 12, 2016
A 7:45 start today. Short walk to the boat from the hotel. Private fast boat just for our VJG group. A fairly short ride to the first stop in the floating islands of the...
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Peru 2016 Day 8 – Sunday 11th September – Cusco to Puno (Lake Titikaka)

September 11, 2016
Another early start today - bags out by 6:00, leaving promptly at 6:30 as we have to catch a coach for the long drive to Puno. I think we are sharing it with other groups...
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Peru 2016 Day 7 – Saturday 10th September - Cusco

September 10, 2016
Cusco - altitude 3,400 metres / 11,200 feet ancient capital of the Inca empire. Interesting fact: You have to drink your hot drinks quickly as they get cold quickly as w...
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Peru 2016 Day 6 - Friday 9th September - Machu Picchu to Cusco

September 09, 2016
Context Machu Picchu town is at 2,000 metres/ 6,560 feet; Machu Picchu site is at 2,400 metres/7,800 feet. A 7:30 start today for our 2nd trip to Machu Picchu. Today as...
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Peru 2016 Day 5 – Tuesday 8th September – Yucay to Machu Picchu

September 08, 2016
Needed to be packed and cases outside the door by 6 this morning. We're off to Machu Picchu today. Short 30 minute drive to the station at Ollantaytambo and on to the Pe...
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