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Sports Event Photography by Denis Chapman Photography - Information for Organisers.


We have extensive experience of photographing running events including 5K, 10K, 10 Mile, Half and Full Marathons since 2005.  We have also photographed at Cycling, Rowing and Triathlon events.  To date we have covered over 200 events - 201 by the end of 2017 and counting.

We are based in Berkshire in the South of England but are mobile and can travel anywhere that is required. 

If you are organising a sporting event and are interested in photographic coverage please get in contact with us using the contact form above.


For 2018, we are proposing offering a new service to organisers.  We will take photographs of all (or as close to all as possible) competitors and provide these photos on a website where they will be freely searchable and downloadable as full resolution digital files.  For any competitors that require prints or other products, we can still supply those (at reduced prices compared to our current price list). 

Keys advantages of this type of service to organisers include:

  • The ability to actively promote ‘free’ photos (digital downloads) to competitors as part of their race package;
  • Images on the website will not be watermarked thus allowing competitors to view their images unencumbered by any distracting watermark;
  • By raising the entry fee by an extra modest amount you will also generate extra revenue for your chosen funds and/or charities even after paying for the service.

Our all inclusive charges for this service will be as follows:

  • For the first photographer £225 for 10K events or £250 for Half Marathons;
  • For the 2nd and each subsequent photographer, where required, £200 per photographer.


Please get in contact with us using the contact form above to discuss your requirements.